Elizabeth is a multifaceted renaissance woman. She's a painter, a graphic designer, a stylist, a make up artist, and a model, with a powerful personality. This shoot was completely styled by her. With no prior planning, other than a location and a time to meet, we were able to create an amazing lifestyle shoot. We wanted to highlight the atmosphere of the location which was her apartment. Elizabeth' interior design magnified the feeling of the shoot. Without the pieces and furniture she chose for her  apartment, there would be no life or color to these photos. This whole shoot was lit using natural light through her windows. 


This shoot wasn't really inspired about anything. It was mostly to just hangout with Elizabeth, grab a beer, get some food, and catch up. Elizabeth was one of the first models I shot when I first moved to DC. When she invited me to hangout, I knew I had to bring a camera with me. We always end up creating something amazing, and this time was no exception. I had an idea in mind to compare my digital shots to my film shots, so this was the perfect opportunity to try that. We kept the shoot simple. A sweater and a pair of high wasted underwear.  What inspired me the most was the location and the lighting. I forced myself to shoot very slowly, making each shot intentional. I used a 4gb SD card, limiting me to 45 digital shots and one roll of Kodak Portra 400. I wanted to maximize my hit rate of shots. By shooting less, I ended up liking more of the shots I took, instead of being overwhelmed with hundreds of shots.

Jahns Roll 11004.jpg